An Introduction to Outcome-Centric Selling


Today’s 3 Frontline Sales Management Priorities

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 24-Sep-2020

Frontline sales managers - the people from whom individual members of the sales organisation take their day-to-day direction - have always played an absolutely pivotal role in the success of every sales organisation.

The actions they take and the guidance they offer have a profound impact on both individual and team performance. Yet relatively few of these critical players have benefited from formal training or coaching in the essentials of their role.

Many were promoted to their current position because they were top performing sales contributors. But the demands on frontline sales leaders (and the skills they are expected to demonstrate) are often very different from those on individual sales contributors.

The issues have been amplified by the impact of the current Covid-related challenges, and Gartner recently identified three key actions that Chief Sales Officers could and should take to ensure that their frontline managers are creating maximum impact...

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Mutual Success Plans: A Collaborative Approach

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 16-Sep-2020

I’ve written before about the persuasive power of a Mutual Success Plan in technology-based B2B sales, and I believe the concept is so important that it is worth returning to it, particularly in the light of recent developments in collaboration technology.

You may have come across the spiritual precursors to the Mutual Success Plan in the form of “Close Plans” or “Mutual Action Plans” - you may already be using one or the other of these concepts - but in a world where enabling our customers to achieve provably better outcomes has never been more important, those more traditional approaches have been found to be lacking...

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