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About Us


Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners is a long-established European-based sales effectiveness consultancy with an outcome-centric approach, a global client footprint and a specific focus on complex B2B sales environments.

Our client base spans both ambitious scale-ups and the entrepreneurial business units of larger companies - but they all share the same determination to build high-performance sales organizations that are in tune with modern buying behaviour and are capable of consistently delivering their revenue goals whilst achieving ambitious growth targets.

We enable our clients to evaluate their existing sales teams and potential new hires, and to train, equip and enable every member of sales organization to achieve lasting success as confident, effective, customer-focused, outcome-centric sales professionals.

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About Our Customers


Our international client base spans ambitious scale-ups and the entrepreneurial business units of larger corporations, but they all have one thing in common: they are involved in complex technology-based B2B sales that require a high level of customer-specific value creation and a particular emphasis on understanding, influencing and achieving their customer's desired business outcomes. We work with them to:

  • Ensure that they make the best possible hiring decisions when recruiting new salespeople
  • Systematically evaluate the attitudes, behaviours and competencies of their existing sales organisation
  • Implement tailored training and coaching programmes designed to realise the potential of every member of the team
  • Establish frameworks and processes that reflect and reinforce each organisation's optimum winning behaviours
  • Equip, encourage and enable every member of the organisation to embrace a customer-outcome-centric mindset
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About Bob Apollo

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Recognized as an innovative thought-leader in complex B2B sales, Bob Apollo is the founder and Chief Outcomes Officer of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners. Following a successful career that has spanned start-ups, scale-ups and established corporates, Bob now works as coach, mentor, and guide to Inflexion-Point’s fast-growing international client base.

As a determined advocate for Outcome-Centric Selling, Bob is a frequent speaker on B2B sales-related subjects at company and public events and conferences, a fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals, and a regular contributor to the International Journal of Sales Transformation and Top Sales World, as well as many other widely-respected B2B sales-focused video blogs, podcasts, websites and publications.

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About Outcome-Centric Selling®

Today’s B2B customers are bored with being pitched to. They don’t want to be lectured on how great the salesperson’s “solutions” are, to be subjected to boring and irrelevant company presentations, to have to endure being asked a series of irrelevant-to-them discovery questions or to have to sit through tedious and unfocused demonstrations of irrelevant features.

And they deeply resent (and aren’t willing to put up with) being subjected to crude, ineffective and out-of-date “always be closing” sales tactics.

They want to be confident that the approach being proposed is the one that is most likely to ensure that they achieve their desired business outcomes. They want to be confident that we will enable them to achieve their key corporate priorities. They want to be sure that their organization achieves the best possible business outcomes in the shortest possible time - but they don’t want us to over-promise and under-deliver.

Each stakeholder also wants to be confident that we will enable them to achieve their personal and departmental priorities - and they need to be sure that if they stick their necks out to support our proposal that we won’t let them down. Individually and collectively, our prospects want us to de-risk the decisions we are asking them to make, to give them the confidence that their outcomes will be achieved, and to eliminate their fear of messing up [FOMU].

Based on the latest research into B2B buying behavior, Outcome-Centric Selling® is designed to give salespeople the framework to understand, influence and achieve their customer’s desired business outcomes - and to facilitate their customer’s buying decision journeys.

If this sounds like what you want to achieve with your sales organization, please download the guide, drop us a line, or book a call.

NEW: Our Online, OnDemand Outcome-Centric Selling® Academy

Our newly-launched Online Outcome-Centric Selling® Academy offers best-practice-based self-paced training to both individual salespeople and entire sales organisations - including access to our customisable Outcome-Centric Selling® Toolkit ...

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