The Jungle, the Winding Road, and the Highway...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 1-Feb-2010

An experienced VC once described the journey that he saw B2B companies going through as the jungle, the winding road, and the highway. 

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Are Current B2B Marketing Conditions Causing You to Think Differently?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 1-Oct-2009

Nick de Cent, editor of Modern Selling recently asked me if I had any feel for how people are thinking about the economic climate and business prospects looking forward over the next few months.  It gave me a chance to step back, reflect, and gather my thoughts.

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Crossing the Chasm, Eagles, Flocks and the 70% Solution

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sun 16-Aug-2009

I was reflecting with a client the other day on the current economic climate, and how hard it was to recruit really good sales people, and how challenging it was to win new customers as a new technology business.  It seems that these two challenges are connected.

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The Chasm is closer than you think

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 9-May-2008

Like most high-tech marketers, I found Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” essential reading. His concept of the gap that exists between Early Adopters and the Mass Market, and the fundamental shifts in emphasis required to bridge it, has proved to be a key frame of reference in crafting growth strategies for high-potential companies. I enjoyed the privilege of being coached by the Great Man himself, just a few months after the books first publication. I believe the core technology marketing principles he laid out remain fundamentally true.

But something has changed. The Chasm has got Closer.

At the time Crossing the Chasm was published - in the mid-90’s - it seemed reasonable to assume that Innovators and Early Adopters made up as much as 20% of the buying market. That may have been an exaggerated view even then, but the world has clearly changed, and they now typically represent a low single-digit percentage of the addressable market.

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