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Why B2B Marketers Need to Stop Claiming That Their Solution is Better

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 15-Mar-2012

“Our Solution is Better”. It’s a claim made by many B2B technology marketers, based on a perceived feature set advantage. Maybe their offering has a faster processor, uses the latest chipset, or has more memory, or greater functionality. Similar claims are made about software. But any advantages are inevitably going to be transient as competing vendors leapfrog each other in the feature/function war.

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10 Must-Read Books for every B2B Sales and Marketing Bookshelf

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sun 4-Dec-2011

We can all benefit from reading inspiring books that help us to challenge our assumptions and to take on a fresh perspective. The most valuable ones are usually dog-eared and bulging with post-it notes, highlighter pen swipes and their online equivalents. If you’re keen to learn more about the art and science of B2B Sales and Marketing and are sometimes prepared to take your inspiration from a lateral direction, I’d like to share my 10 must-read book suggestions…

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Research Proves That Most Customers Prefer Certainty to Creativity

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 13-Sep-2011

How many times has a customer said that they are looking for creative ideas from you? Or that they value innovation? Stop a moment. That may not be how they really feel. We’re generally inclined to believe that creativity is a good thing. But according to researchers from Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of North Carolina, creative ideas actually make many people uncomfortable...

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12 Considerations That Should be on Every Chasm Crosser’s Checklist

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 25-Aug-2011

2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the first publication of Geoffrey Moore’s ground-breaking “Crossing the Chasm” - a book which has gone on to take pride of place in most technology marketer’s libraries. The principles Moore set out then remain just as valid - and just as important - today, and I'd like to share some of my experiences of putting his ideas into practice...

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B2B Sales: Top Sellers are Storytellers

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 14-Jun-2011

Is your sales process characterised by lengthy buying cycles with the involvement of multiple decision makers? Are buying decisions frequently delayed or postponed? Are you finding that you are losing to a decision to “do nothing” as often as you lose to a conventional competitor? Then you’re not alone...

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Where is Your Sales Funnel Leaking?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 26-May-2011

Every sales funnel leaks, but some leak more than others - and unfortunately often in the most expensive places. Understanding where and how your sales funnel is leaking - and taking the appropriate action - can make a dramatic difference to not only your sales win rates but also your cost of sales. Here are a handful of things I suggest you might want to consider if you want to plug those leaks and grow your revenues...

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B2B Sales: Are Some of Your Prospects Frogs in Boiling Water?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 19-May-2011

You’ve probably heard the frog in boiling water anecdote. So the theory goes, a frog that is placed in cold water and gently heated will be slowly cooked to death, whereas one that is dropped into boiling water will leap to safety. Is it possible that your prospects behave in the same way?

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After 20 Years: 3 Reasons Why the Chasm is Closer than it used to be

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 11-Mar-2011

Crossing the ChasmLike most high-tech marketers, I found Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” essential reading. His concept of the gap that exists between Early Adopters and the Mass Market, and the fundamental shifts in emphasis required to bridge it, has proved to be a key frame of reference in crafting growth strategies for high-potential companies. But something has changed. The Chasm has Moved Closer.

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What Stops Promising Companies from Building Scalable Businesses?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 17-Jan-2011

Traffic LightMomentum. We know it when we see it, don't we? It’s the force that propels successful companies to sustainable revenue and market share growth. And its the failure to generate momentum that condemns so many apparently promising companies to an also-ran existence.

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Is your Solution a New Concept, a New Paradigm or an Established Category?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 18-Feb-2010

Last week I took part - together with 30+ senior sales and marketing executives from the technology sector - in an excellent discussion hosted by Richard Eldh of Sirius Decisions on the topic of sales and marketing alignment.  

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