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What have you done to identify your ideal customers?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 16-Jul-2014

Why is it that so many B2B organisations are so unhappy with the returns on their marketing investments, with the accuracy of their sales forecasts, and with the efficiency with which they are able to convert leads into customers?

Why is it that so many sales people are so often so dissatisfied with the quality of leads provided by marketing? And why is it that so many marketing teams are so frustrated with the failure of sales to follow up on the leads they have generated?

This is such a common phenomenon that many people, and many organisations, have come to believe that it is an invitable consequence of the often fractured relationship between sales and marketing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Aberdeen Group makes compelling case for sales and marketing alignment

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 9-Apr-2014

“Improving sales and marketing alignment” has been close to the top of CEO priority lists for years - and with good reason. Most people would agree that sales and marketing organisations that work well together are likely to outperform their poorly-aligned peers.

But organisations sometimes struggle to come up with the hard data to back up this belief. It’s a subject that the Aberdeen Group has monitored over many years, and their latest Research Brief offers compelling evidence of the benefits of sales and marketing alignment.

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Introducing the 21st Century Sales Warrior's Guide to Mobility

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 6-Feb-2013

I’ve been involved in some way or another in helping companies to mobilise their workforces for the past 15 years, and there’s no doubt that the pace is quickening. I’m therefore delighted to have been invited by SAP to contribute to their excellent “21st Century Sales Warrior's Guide To Mobility”. 

It’s been a real pleasure to collaborate in the creation of the guide with a group of authors who I’ve long admired, including Dave Brock, Matt HeinzBob Thompson, and Peter Ostrow of the Aberdeen Group.

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If Alignment is such a good thing, why is it so hard to achieve?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 13-Nov-2012

It would be hard to find anyone prepared to argue against the benefits of sales and marketing alignment. It’s a proven fact (we’ll come on to the results in a moment) that well-aligned organisations grow revenues faster. So, if alignment is such a good thing, why is it so difficult to achieve?

It’s a topic that I’ll be discussing at today’s Funnel 2012 event in London. Without giving the entire presentation away, I'd like to share some of my conclusions about why alignment often proves difficult - and offer you some ideas that could help you improve it.

Why bother getting aligned?

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Why Sales and Marketing Alignment Really, Really Matters

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 9-Jan-2012

According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, “alignment of marketing and sales goals is a key strategy for many organisations seeking revenue and customer growth amid economic and market challenges”. Poorly aligned organisations are quickly falling behind their best-in-class competitors in the critical areas of revenue growth, sales productivity and return on marketing investment. But how can you tell if your organisation has an alignment problem?

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How much Sales and Marketing effort will you waste in 2012?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 17-Nov-2011

Everything suggests that 2012 is going to be a very difficult year. Economies around the world are slashing growth projections, unemployment is rising and buyers are behaving in an ever more risk-averse fashion. Against this challenging climate, can you afford to be wasting a single ounce of sales or marketing effort?

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Are you prepared for an Olympic sales performance in 2012?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 8-Nov-2011

It’s November already - less than two months to go before the end of the year. I’m sure that your sales team is very focused on closing as much business as they can in 2011 - but how is 2012 looking? It may be shaping up as an Olympic Year for the UK - but is your organisation's sales performance going to be in the running for a gold medal next year?

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12 Key Initiatives that Could Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 31-Oct-2011

What are the factors that separate many of today’s top-performing B2B sales and marketing organisations from the rest? Having outstanding products and services that are truly relevant to a well-defined target audience is clearly important. But when you look at the factors that truly separate the fastest growing vendors from the rest, it’s often their ability to execute that really impresses. They have the ability to align their entire sales and marketing organisation around a common set of winning strategies and tactics.

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The 7 Essential Foundations of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 30-Aug-2011

The latest research by Aberdeen Group, SiriusDecisions, CSO Insights and others suggests that organisations with best-in-class levels of Sales and Marketing Alignment are able to achieve revenue growth rates 20-24% faster than their poorly-aligned competitors. So why is it that well-aligned organisations remain in the minority - and what can business leaders do to change this?

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The Top 5 Barriers to Better Sales Forecasting

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 2-Aug-2011

Missing even a single sales forecast can be a painful experience for everyone involved in the process – from salesperson to manager to shareholder. So what are the keys to consistently accurate sales forecasting? The latest research from the Aberdeen Group offers some important indicators…

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