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    SiriusDecisions: A B2B CMO's New Year's To-Do List

    Bob Apollo
    Post by Bob Apollo
    January 6, 2011

    SiriusDecisionsRegular readers of my articles will know that I’ve often been inspired by the unique research-led insights generated by SiriusDecisions on the subject of B2B sales and marketing. I’m delighted that John Neeson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of SiriusDecisions has kindly agreed to let me share his recent article on “a B2B Chief Marketing Officer's New Year's To-Do List” with you in full...

    A B2B CMO New Year's To-Do List

    Originally posted by John Neeson on Wed, Jan 05, 2011 @ 08:39 AM

    Instead of more new year's predictions, we present another post on the imperatives B2B executives must address in 2011 to optimize and evolve their business:

    Relative Targeting

    With fast-growing economies in Latin America, pragmatic US and EMEA markets, and Asia/Pacific continuing to evolve, the question every CMO asks themselves is “where can I be more successful?" Relative targeting is an exercise to determine which markets, products and audiences you'll be most successful with. It’s kind of a cold shower to determine where you can really win and where you need to invest, but essential for effective planning. To Do: Relative targeting exercise with heavy sales engagement.


    How is your head of sales doing? Right now he or she is knee deep in kicking off their new year and marketing is probably not on the top of their list. So what put’s the “and” in “sales and marketing?” Being able to describe marketing plans in the context of the sales challenges is the most effective way to demonstrate how marketing has listened and where they can have an impact. As an example, if you were to look at each sales segment (major accounts, enterprise, SMB, channel and ecommerce) and show the marketing “menu” of programs available, it will be more meaningful than seeing a list of programs without any context. To Do: Structure marketing programs in a sales framework to allow them to see what it means specifically to them.

    Website Optimization

    If 58% of leads are coming from the web and this will accelerate during the next five years, how are you leveraging your web properties to your advantage? Inbound marketing (particularly social media marketing) and website content optimization are critical success factors for today and more so into the future. The implication suggests the skills required in marketing, the ability to integrate social media into the tactic mix, the tools we use, and how we create and manage content are moving to a new paradigm — if you're not on a path to restructuring your web strategy you will be late to the game. To Do: Evaluate your web strategy — properties, skills, processes and tools — and build a 2015 roadmap.

    Organization Interlock

    Most CMO’s are in search for the perfect organizational structure. How can I organize to maximize efficiency, cost and impact? The reality is the organizational model of the past was linear with processes that went from function to function. The new model requires considerably more collaboration. Organizational effectiveness is all about how functions interlock within the marketing organization and across the rest of the enterprise. To Do: Develop cross-function marketing groups with specific responsibilities establishing clear interlock plans.


    If demand generation was the wave in B2B marketing for the last five years, coming up quickly is enablement. Marketing’s role in accelerating pipeline, targeted account marketing and providing sales with the tools (particularly relevant, useful content) they need has moved from an ancillary set of activities to more strategic. To Do: Implementing and measuring enablement should start now; establishing marketing’s role, fostering the sales/marketing relationship and charting pipeline velocity will be critical for the future.

    You can read the original article here. I think you’ll want to add the SiriusDecisions website and blog to your favourites. What do you think of the recommendations in John's “to do list”?  Do they have the priority they deserve in your own organisation? Please share your thoughts.

    Bob Apollo
    Post by Bob Apollo
    January 6, 2011
    Bob Apollo is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals, a regular contributor to the International Journal of Sales Transformation and Top Sales World Magazine, and the driving force behind Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, the leading proponents of outcome-centric selling. Following a successful corporate career spanning start-ups, scale-ups and market leaders, Bob now works as a strategic advisor, mentor, trainer and coach to ambitious B2B sales organisations - teaching them how to differentiate themselves through their provably superior approach to achieving their customer's desired outcomes.