The Difference Between Mac and PC Users...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sun 24-Apr-2011

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Mashable recently republished research by Hunch into the self-reported differences between Apple Mac and Windows PC users. The results go into remarkable detail, answering such questions as: 

  • Are Mac users more likely to prefer to read Great Expectations, or Moby Dick?
  • Which group see themselves as early adopters, and which as laggards?
  • Is a PC user more likely to order a tuna fish sandwich, or hummus?
  • Which group are more likely to drive a Harley, and which a Vespa?

There's some more serious (if less interesting) demographic information in here as well. I thought you might enjoy seeing the full details (below).

So - do you see yourself as a PC person or a Mac person? Do you recognise yourself in the following profiles?

Mac vs PC Infographic640

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