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Why mastering value selling has never been more important...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 1-Jun-2017

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According to research conducted by SiriusDecisions, the #1 sales effectiveness challenge facing today’s B2B sales leaders isn’t product knowledge, lack of demand or basic sales skills: it’s their sales people’s inability to make a clear connection between their product capabilities and their customer’s business issues.

The impact can be seen in longer sales cycles, declining win rates, lower deal values and an increasing number of apparently well-qualified opportunities ending with the prospect deciding to “do nothing” and stick with the status quo.

If you recognise any of these symptoms, my latest on-demand webinar offers a powerful series of field-proven remedies for dealing with this value vacuum…

One of the primary causes of the sales value gap is the fact that whilst the average sales person is 4* more likely to be proficient in product knowledge than in business expertise, today’s B2B buyers vale relevant business expertise 4* more highly than product knowledge.

4 by 4 comparison.png

As a result, the performance gap between the average B2B sales person and their most competent colleagues has never been higher: in complex B2B sales, top performers are nearly 3* more effective than the average, but only represent 5-15% of the total sales population.

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Many sales organisations clearly suffer from a sales effectiveness gap: but our customers are also suffering a value gap - between their current situation and their desired future state. But we will struggle to win their business until and unless the gap is large enough to drive change, and unless we can persuade them that we offer the most effective approach to bridging their value gap.

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You can find out how to deal with the challenge and bridge these sales performance and customer value gaps, and how to equip all of your sales people to master value selling in this on-demand webinar:

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Apollo_3_white_background_250_square.jpgBob Apollo is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales and the Founder of UK-based Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, home of the Value Selling System®. Following a successful career spanning start-ups, scale-ups and mature corporates, Bob now works with a growing client base of tech-based growth-phase businesses, equipping and enabling them to systematically create and capture mutually meaningful value in every customer interaction.

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