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Video: 3 Key Sales Questions Every CEO Should be Able to Answer

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 27-Jun-2019

George Brontén of Membrain is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to the latest trends affecting complex B2B sales. His team have developed a next-generation approach to CRM that tackles the challenges and constraints that are causing more than 50% of B2B sales people to miss their quota targets.

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Video: Key Challenges Facing B2B Sales People

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 25-Jun-2019

I had the chance to work with The Marketing Practice at a recent event at Worcester College Oxford and one of the by-products was the opportunity to make a short video highlighting a few of the many challenges facing today's B2B sales people.

We covered widely-recognised issues such as longer sales cycles, increased price competition, and why so many deals end in "no decision".

We also touched on changes in the buying process, the involvement of multiple stakeholders, and the rise of the consensus buying decision.

We also highlighted a few of the available remedies - such as the need to reinforce the need for change before we sell the benefits of our solution, and the importance of identifying the structural and behavioural characteristics of our Ideal Customers.

It's short (less than 3 minutes) but to the point. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below...

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