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Is your sales pipeline full of fatbergs?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 11-Jan-2019

The sewer systems of of our towns and cities are struggling to cope with a phenomenon known as the “fatberg”. These fatbergs are formed by an unappetising combination of oil, grease, food waste and other materials that have no place in the system.

Unfortunately, as these fatbergs harden and grow, they cause obstructions that require specialist equipment to remove. The problem is largely avoidable, it’s obviously a pretty unappetising story, and you may wonder why I’m sharing it with you.

Something very similar is going on in many sales pipelines. They are clogged with so-called opportunities that haven’t moved for ages and are unlikely to close any time soon. And the longer you delay clearing them out, the harder it gets to remove them...

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What is your organisation going to do differently in 2017?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 22-Dec-2016

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, and barring the occasional miracle, it’s probably already pretty clear how your organisation’s sales year is going to end up. If you’re like most sales teams, it will probably have been a blend of high spots and low spots.

A subset of your sales people (often the same ones as last year) will have achieved their sales targets well before the end of the year. Another group will be there or thereabouts, and a further group will have struggled.

Some of your new hires will have proved their potential early, and the success of others is still to be proven. It’s a familiar picture that will be repeated across many - perhaps the majority - of sales organisations.

So here’s the critical year-end question: what have you learned from these experiences, and what is your sales organisation going to do differently in 2017 to close the gap between your best sales people and the rest?

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10 Critical Components of any B2B Sales Playbook

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 1-Dec-2016

If my recent experience is anything to go by, sales playbooks have overtaken sales analytics as 2017's "must do" sales performance improvement initiative. It's not hard to see why. CEOs and sales leaders are frustrated that - despite all their investments in CRM and sales training - there remains a significant and persistent performance gap between their top sales people and the rest.

Now, some of the difference can be attributed to the fact that many top performers display a set of personal attitudes and attributes that are missing in many other sales people. But that's far from the only (or even the main) explanation - much of the difference is actually down to learned behaviours - behaviours that their colleagues can copy.

And it's this discovery that has sparked a wave of interest in sales playbooks and in the technologies that support them. But - just as everybody ought to have learned with CRM - simply throwing technology at the problem will not by itself solve it...

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