Should B2B marketing be employing more scientists than artists?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 21-Feb-2013

That’s the question implied by one of IDC’s recently published “Top 10 predictions for 2013”. Driven by a number of profound changes in both the business and marketing environments, they project that from 2013 onwards, 50% of new marketing hires will have technical backgrounds.

IDC logo 200They point out that the fastest growing job categories in marketing today include campaign management, marketing operations, intelligence/research, sales enablement, social media and marketing IT. Many of these categories hardly existed less than a decade or less ago.

Analytics and automation

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Why Lead Scoring and Nurturing is Like Teenage Sex

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 20-Mar-2012

I hosted three round table discussions at least week’s excellent Econsultancy B2B Digital Cream event on the subject of Lead Scoring and Nurturing, and the abiding conclusion was that Lead Scoring and Nurturing is - as one observer suggested - a lot like teenage sex: lots of people are talking about it, not so many are actually doing it, and fewer still have the experience to do it really well.

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The Problem with Marketing Automation

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 30-Dec-2011

The marketing automation software market is expected to show continued dramatic growth in 2012, as companies frantically seek the “magic bullet” that will help them improve their marketing and sales performance in tough economic times. But there are no miracle cures, and we all know (or ought to) that technology by itself isn’t going to solve anything. In fact, there are worrying signs that mirror the “trough of disillusionment” that CRM fell into after a similarly over-hyped boom. And when the marketing automation providers themselves can’t work out how to apply their solutions intelligently, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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For Entertainment Only: A Short History of SP*M

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sat 28-May-2011

We've all suffered from SP*M. But where did it all start? I thought you might be interested in this light-hearted history courtesy of the good folks at Marketo.

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Marketo CEO talks about Driving Business Velocity...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 18-Apr-2011

Marketo have pioneered an innovative “revenue cycle management” approach to integrating B2B sales and marketing that is enabling their customers to build better pipelines, shorten sales cycles and increase win rates. Phil Fernandez, Marketo’s CEO, recently shared his thoughts about how successful businesses the world over are coming to recognise the need for speed...

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Making the Case for Appointing a Chief Revenue Officer

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 8-Dec-2010

I'm a great admirer of the work that Marketo has been doing to provide tools that transform the way sales and marketing teams work together. But I've also been hugely impressed by the thought leadership they have brought to the subject.

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The Buyer's Journey Revisited ... Part One

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sun 22-Aug-2010

The concept of the buyer's journey has been around for a number of years. Hugh Macfarlane's "The Leaky Funnel" inspired a number of our early sales and marketing alignment assignments, and was one of the first books to suggest shifting attention away from driving the sales process to facilitating the buying process.

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