The Information Arms Race Between B2B Buyers and Sellers

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 14-Jul-2011

The term "arms race" was initially used to describe the competition between two or more nations to establish the most powerful armed forces. Nowadays, the term is used to describe any situation where the goal is simply to stay ahead of the other party - and, as Joel York points out in a recent blog, it perfectly describes the current situation between IT buyers and sellers...

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5 Questions You Ought to be Asking as the Half-Year Approaches

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 29-Jun-2011

We’re coming up to the end of June - the half-way point for many annual plans and company financial years. You undoubtedly started out with clear ambitions for the year. What progress have you made - and are the assumptions you started the year with still valid? Here are 5 questions you might want to ask yourself as your organisation enters the second half of the year...

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5 Key Qualities of Today’s Most Successful B2B Salespeople

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 21-Apr-2011

I get the chance to observe many B2B sales people in action, and to identify the winning behaviours that seem to separate today’s top performers from their middle of the road peers. I’d like to share 5 qualities that seem to be consistently valuable and to offer some good news - these are all qualities that can be developed through effective training and mentoring...

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After 20 Years: 3 Reasons Why the Chasm is Closer than it used to be

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 11-Mar-2011

Crossing the ChasmLike most high-tech marketers, I found Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” essential reading. His concept of the gap that exists between Early Adopters and the Mass Market, and the fundamental shifts in emphasis required to bridge it, has proved to be a key frame of reference in crafting growth strategies for high-potential companies. But something has changed. The Chasm has Moved Closer.

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Ideal Prospect Profiles Boost Sales Win Rates by 20%

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 20-Jan-2011

targetThe always-excellent CSO Insights are soon to release the results of their annual 2011 sales performance optimisation report. The full report is due to be published in February, but CSO Insights have started to share some of their initial findings as a teaser in their recent email newsletter.

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What Stops Promising Companies from Building Scalable Businesses?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 17-Jan-2011

Traffic LightMomentum. We know it when we see it, don't we? It’s the force that propels successful companies to sustainable revenue and market share growth. And its the failure to generate momentum that condemns so many apparently promising companies to an also-ran existence.

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Why it’s Time to Explore the BuyerSphere...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 13-Dec-2010

Which people, and which organisations, are most influential in shaping your prospect's thinking?  Who do they turn to for advice when they recognise they may have a problem?  Who do they trust to guide them?  And how do they go about searching for solutions?

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The 4 dimensions of an ideal B2B customer...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 16-Nov-2010

profileWhat does your ideal customer or prospect look like? The question is an important one, because too many sales pipelines are still full of prospects that are unlikely to buy anything, that you are unlikely to win, or which if you won would turn out to be unprofitable.

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Social Media without Thought Leadership is like broadcasting into space

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 20-Oct-2010

Sirius DecisionsI attended SirusDecisions’ excellent inaugural European summit in London yesterday. It was packed with essential information and insight for anyone concerned with improving their organisation’s sales and marketing alignment, and offered compelling evidence for the benefits of getting sales and marketing working collaboratively towards a common goal.

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B2B sales: It’s the economics, stupid...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 1-Apr-2010

Post-itIn Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential election campaign, a sign famously hung in his Little Rock campaign headquarters with the following simple message: “it’s the economy, stupid”.

In today’s risk-averse buying climate, the message to ambitious B2B sales professionals seeking to win the votes of their prospects might have a familiar ring: “it’s the economics, stupid”.

Rational, emotional or financial?

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