B2B Sales + Marketing: how much demand do you really need to generate?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 11-Jul-2012

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How much demand do you really generate each month to hit your revenue targets? It’s a question that vexes many B2B sales and marketing organisations - and the answer isn’t always “the more the better”.

That’s because the quality of demand that you generate is every bit as important as the quantity of that demand. In fact, in many respects, a focus on quality generates far better outcomes than a focus on quantity alone.

Excessive numbers of poorly qualified leads benefit no-one - they simply overwhelm the sales and marketing organisation’s ability to cope. And the responsibility for demand generation isn’t just down to marketing either - it’s reasonable to expect sales to play their part - particularly within targeted accounts.

So - what’s the optimal level of activity at each stage of your pipeline? Our revenue waterfall model could help you calculate the appropriate answer for your organisation - and highlight the potential for improvement.

Demand Generation Waterfall 600

You can download the waterfall model here, in the form of an easy-to-complete spreadsheet with full step-by-step instructions. You can start by working out what levels of demand you need to be generating - and then compare those values with your actual performance.

It’s easy to model the impact of key changes to the quantity and quality of demand at each stage in your sales and marketing pipeline, and to reflect the differing efficiencies of tele-prospecting and other forms of outbound and inbound marketing activity.

Why not download the model today? Then, once you’ve applied it to your situation, please share your feedback - and ideas for improvement. Or, if you want some help in either how to use the model or interpreting the results, please drop me a line at

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