Why Bigger Pipelines Aren’t Always Better

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 20-Dec-2010

PipelineIn a recent webcast, Sirius Decisions shared some preliminary results from their 2010 Sales Pipeline and Forecast Survey - a study conducted jointly with Cloud9 Analytics. As ever, their research makes for fascinating and thought-provoking reading.

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Social Media without Thought Leadership is like broadcasting into space

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 20-Oct-2010

Sirius DecisionsI attended SirusDecisions’ excellent inaugural European summit in London yesterday. It was packed with essential information and insight for anyone concerned with improving their organisation’s sales and marketing alignment, and offered compelling evidence for the benefits of getting sales and marketing working collaboratively towards a common goal.

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The Buyer's Journey Revisited ... Part One

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sun 22-Aug-2010

The concept of the buyer's journey has been around for a number of years. Hugh Macfarlane's "The Leaky Funnel" inspired a number of our early sales and marketing alignment assignments, and was one of the first books to suggest shifting attention away from driving the sales process to facilitating the buying process.

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Is your Solution a New Concept, a New Paradigm or an Established Category?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 18-Feb-2010

Last week I took part - together with 30+ senior sales and marketing executives from the technology sector - in an excellent discussion hosted by Richard Eldh of Sirius Decisions on the topic of sales and marketing alignment.  

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