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B2B Sales: Are Some of Your Prospects Frogs in Boiling Water?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 19-May-2011

You’ve probably heard the frog in boiling water anecdote. So the theory goes, a frog that is placed in cold water and gently heated will be slowly cooked to death, whereas one that is dropped into boiling water will leap to safety. Is it possible that your prospects behave in the same way?

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Training Won’t Solve Your Sales Performance Problem

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 11-Jan-2011

Sales Fitness ProgrammeGyms and Sales Training Companies both seem to benefit from New Year’s Resolutions. But just as signing up for gym membership won’t do you any good unless you keep up an exercise routine, taking your team through sales training won’t improve their performance unless you consistently reinforce the principles they have been taught.

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