MarketBridge Charts B2B Channel Cloud Challenge

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 15-Apr-2011

I’ve written before - quoting Forrester Research - about how SaaS is blowing storm clouds over the IT channel. Now the latest survey results from MarketBridge serve to quantify the challenge - but they also show how channel partners that are able to adapt their business models have the potential to generate new sources of revenue...

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5 Reasons Why B2B Companies Must Think Like Private Equity Investors

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 14-Apr-2011

The always thought-provoking SiriusDecisions blog recently considered the impact of private equity investment on B2B marketing, and the implications of private equity’s focus on generating swift and strong returns. It strikes me that the same focus and discipline could and should be usefully applied to any B2B marketing environment, regardless of current or future ownership. The bottom line? Don't spend money on stuff that doesn't drive revenue...

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Forrester finds that only 1 in 8 Sales Meetings are Valuable

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 15-Mar-2011

A Question of ValueWhat makes a sales meeting valuable to a prospect? It’s when the sales person clearly understands the prospect’s business issues and can clearly articulate how to address them. So how often does this happen? According to the latest research from Forrester, in an average of no more than 1 in 8 sales meetings...

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SaaS Blows Storm Clouds over the Channel

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 18-Feb-2011

Storm CloudIt’s been obvious for a while to anyone involved in developing or reselling B2B software that the move to SaaS is having a profound effect on the role of the IT solution provider channel, on the services they can expect to provide, and on the margins they can expect to earn.

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Forrester Confirms Continuing B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment Gap

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 1-Feb-2011

Forrester’s latest research “B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment Starts with the Customer” confirms the dysfunctional and damaging gap that still exists between sales and marketing in the vast majority of B2B organisations.

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