Are You Suffering from the Social Media Charlatans?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Fri 13-May-2011

There’s no doubt that business social media has an increasingly important role to play in B2B buying decisions. But if you were foolish enough to believe some of the social media charlatans, you would be switching almost all of your efforts to this new channel. And that would be a huge mistake...

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Gartner: Social CRM is Bypassing the IT Department

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 17-Mar-2011

Gartner LogoGartner defines Social CRM as applications “for supporting communities of internal users, customers, partners and other stakeholders to assist with sales, marketing and customer service processes for the mutual benefit of enterprises and their customers”.  It represents the convergence of two very significant forces - the long-established CRM market and the rapidly evolving business social media landscape. And it’s expanding rapidly, with global spending predicted to exceed the $1 billion mark by 2013...

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B2B Collaboration: Salesforce’s Chatter rises to a Crescendo...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 22-Nov-2010

ChatterI’ve written before about the potential of’s recently-launched Chatter application to drive intracompany collaboration. Now the latest news from Salesforce, suggests that Chatter has already succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, being deployed by 60,000 of their 87,000 paying customers.

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Social Media without Thought Leadership is like broadcasting into space

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 20-Oct-2010

Sirius DecisionsI attended SirusDecisions’ excellent inaugural European summit in London yesterday. It was packed with essential information and insight for anyone concerned with improving their organisation’s sales and marketing alignment, and offered compelling evidence for the benefits of getting sales and marketing working collaboratively towards a common goal.

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Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 8-Sep-2010

Salesforce ChatterToday during his keynote at Cloudforce 2010 in London’s Royal Festival Hall, Marc Benioff, Chairman and Chief Executive of, launched Chatter Mobile to the usual adoring audience.

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