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Aaron Ross - Guest

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The Trust Gap [Aaron Ross]

Posted by Aaron Ross - Guest on Sun 30-Oct-2016

Message from Bob: I've always enjoyed Aaron Ross's ideas on how growing companies can drive Predictable Revenue, and I'm delighted that he's allowed me to republish the following extract from his excellent new book, "From Impossible to Inevitable". Over to you Aaron...

When you start a business, most people begin with Early Adopters. These include networks, friends, friends-of-friends, and people who instinctively “get it.”

Then, once you hit $1–$10 million in revenue, you usually hit a wall as word-of-mouth and referrals start to plateau. Or, as a large company you might plateau when your new leadgen program, product launch, or market struggles. 

There’s a painful difference between selling to Early Adopters who trust you, and Mainstream Buyers who don’t. Geoffrey Moore called this “crossing the chasm.” We call it bridging a Trust Gap... 

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