Webinar: Sales & Marketing Collaboration - from Vision to Implementation

Posted by Bob Apollo on Mon 12-Dec-2011

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Companies have regularly declared that “improving sales and marketing alignment” is a top priority - and with good reason. The latest research from the Aberdeen Group proves that best-in-class organisations achieve an average annual revenue growth rate 38% higher than laggards - and generate three times as much pipeline value from their marketing activities.

Sales and Marketing Alignment 300wBut many companies continue to struggle, and it’s not because they can’t buy into the concept intellectually. No rational CEO could disagree with the idea that stronger alignment is likely drive better results. The problem usually lies with the practical challenge of changing often deep-rooted patterns of behaviour.

Typically, it isn’t because your people don’t want to work together more effectively - far more often, it’s because they don’t know how. They lack the frameworks, tools and techniques to make alignment happen in practice. All too often, they are so close to the problem that they can’t work out the solution.

If this is a subject that is dear to your heart, I’d like to invite you to join me in a BrightTALK sponsored webinar on Tuesday 10th January at 10:00am UK time on “Sales & Marketing Collaboration - from Vision to Implementation”. You can register here - and even if you can't attend on the day you’ll get the chance to watch a recording at your leisure.

I’ll be sharing a well-proven and highly effective process for quickly achieving consistently high levels of sales and marketing alignment and collaboration, including a powerful collection of downloadable tools and templates - and illustrating the principles with a series of practical examples.

Every attendee can expect to leave with at several simple, actionable ideas that will enable them to systematically improve their organisations’ sales and marketing alignment and collaboration. I hope that you’ll be able to join me.

The webinar is aimed at C-Level Executives and Sales and Marketing Directors, Managers and Professionals within B2B-focused organisations of all sizes from start-ups to established market leaders. Why not invite your colleagues to attend? Here's that webinar link again.

One last thing: in the meantime, you might also like to download a copy of our guide to the "7 Essential Foundations for Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment".


Topics: B2B Marketing, Scalable Systems, Complex Sales