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Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 3-Nov-2011

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How does your organisation’s sales performance compare against the best in class? And what specifically could you do to elevate your performance to rank amongst the very best? These are questions that any ambitious sales manager ought to be asking themselves. But truly accessible benchmarks have been missing. Not any longer…

I’ve long been an admirer of the TAS Group. They believe - as I do - that traditional approaches to sales training are fundamentally flawed and by themselves unlikely to deliver lasting value. That’s where the TAS Dealmaker Index comes in.

92 Key Performance Factors

Tas Dealmaker LogoBased on an analysis of 92 sales performance factors, mapped against proven successful approaches, the Dealmaker Index measures the effectiveness of sales organisations and sales individuals across critical performance areas such as deal close rates, sales cycle management, value creation and sales opportunity development.

The Index analyses sales people’s activities, behaviors and attitudes and their strategic alignment with their companies and the resulting sales velocity they can achieve. It then produces a detailed custom sales performance success roadmap for both individuals and companies.

Global, Multi-Industry Coverage

The TAS Group claim - with some justification - that it represents’ the world’s first global measure of sales effectiveness for both companies and individual sales professionals. It spans multiple B2B sales environments, and draws upon the lessons learned from more than 850,000 sales professionals across 65 countries.

Best of all, it is available online and at no charge, and includes a set of personalised and highly actionable performance improvement recommendations. Naturally, your specific responses will remain confidential - but they will contribute to a growing pool of benchmark and best practice data.

Benchmark Against the Best

I’m a fan. The Dealmaker Index represents yet another piece of breakthrough thinking from the TAS Group. It addresses a real and urgent need within the sales community: how can we learn from the best practices of others and identify where our most effective opportunities for performance improvement lie at both an individual and an organisational level?

You can find out right now by visiting I encourage you to take part - it will take just a few minutes of your time.

If you want to learn more about the process, I suggest that you mark your calendar for the TAS Group webinar “92 Signposts to a Roadmap for Sales Success in 2012” at 4:30pm UK time on Thursday 17th November and register here.

Let me know how you get along.

p.s. if you're in the mood for constructive self-evaluation, you might also like to take our own B2B Sales and Marketing Health Check - yet another chance to see what you can learn from some of today's top performers.

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