What would it take for you to give that sales conversation a “10”?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Tue 13-May-2014

In sales situations, it’s not unusual to come across prospects that appear at first to be largely content with the status quo, even though you know from your experience with other similar organisations that they could be doing far better. But unless you can shift their perspective, you’re unlikely to persuade them of the need to change.

Their attention needs to be drawn to the gap between their current situation (sticking with the “status quo”) and what they could be achieving. And one of the most effective ways of getting them thinking - once you’ve got them focused on a potentially promising issue - is ask them how they would rate their current situation on a 1-10 scale and follow that up - this is the critical part - with “so what would it take for you to give that issue a 10”? ...

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