Understanding the critical difference between "Need To" and "Must Do"

Posted by Bob Apollo on Wed 6-Apr-2016

In pretty much every conversation I've been having recently with CEOs and sales leaders the subject turns - sooner or later - to a growing competitive threat. And despite the fact that they are in widely different businesses, the competitor is always exactly the same.

How can this be? Surely you’d expect each different market to be characterised by a different set of competitive vendors, and that, of course is true. But I’m not referring to the other vendors that happen to compete in the same space as you.

Have you guessed who this mystery competitor is yet?

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Do you *really* understand your prospect’s pain?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 3-Mar-2016

For many of your potential prospects, most of the time, sticking with the status quo is usually the comfortable choice. It’s no wonder that so many complex sales cycles end up with the customer deciding to do nothing rather than embark on a potentially costly and risky change.

That’s why - in many complex sales environments - your biggest competitor is not another vendor, but the very real risk that your prospects will decide to “do nothing” and stick with what they’ve got.

There’s one overwhelming reason why these apparently promising sales opportunities came to nothing: the prospect’s current situation was simply not painful enough to force them into action.

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