B2B Sales has evolved. Have you?

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 15-Nov-2012

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The folks at Postwire have come up with a great infographic to summarise the evolution of the salesperson. Did you know:

    • That most of the average modern buying process has been completed before the buyer engages with a salesperson for the first time?
    • That the number of stakeholders in the typical B2B buying decision process is rising significantly, as is the length of the average buying cycle?
    • That the quality of the sales experience is far more important to the decision process than your brand, offering and pricing strategy combined?
    • That most of the time, the deal goes to the sales person that is able to get involved early on and shape the prospect's buying vision?

Are you #relevant, or about to be #deleted? Are you stuck in the stone age or socially connected (and relevant)? This infographic might help you to decide.

The Evolution Of The Salesperson [Infographic]

courtesy of Postwire

If you can't see the image above, here's a link to the full size version.

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