Vodafone Admits "Network Outrage"

Posted by Bob Apollo on Thu 3-Mar-2011

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VodafoneAs one of many thousands affected by Vodafone's recent network outage along the M4 corridor, I approached their customer service organisation warning them I was about to blog about it, and asking them if they thought single points of failure were a good thing. Here's their unedited response in full. You really couldn't make it up...

Hello Bob,

I'm sorry to learn that your area was affected by the network outrage that occurred recently due to which you're unable to get network all day. 

I'd like to inform you that the network outrage was an unknown fault and the engineer's at Vodafone tried their level best to get this resolved as soon as possible. 

I can now confirm that the fault has been resolved and the signal in all the affected parts have been resumed. 

Trust this helps. 

Kind regards, 
Gordon Dsouza
Vodafone Customer Services

We hope you have found our Email Customer Service helpful and convenient.  To contact us please click 'here'.

Thank you for being a Vodafone customer and I hope you enjoy all that Vodafone has to offer.

So there you have it. Vodafone accidently acknowledges that their outage caused outrage, whilst completely failing to address my question about why they allowed a single point of failure to compromise their network in the first place.

I particularly enjoyed the (presumably deliberate) Rumsfeldian reference to unknown unknowns. Have you any unintentionally amusing customer service responses - preferably also involving apostrophe catastrophes - that you would like to share?

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