People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it...

Posted by Bob Apollo on Sat 5-Jun-2010

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I came across Simon Sinek's work through a blog post by Augie Ray of Forrester.  Sinek is the author of Start With Why.  In the following video, he explains why great leaders, and great companies, don't start with what they do, but with why they do it.

To take just one convincing example, he observes that (unlike so many of our current generation of politicians) Martin Luther King won his followers over not by having a plan, but by having a dream.

Sinek goes on to suggest, in a powerful and compelling way, that great organisations succeed by doing business and attracting followers (buyers, employees, influencers, etc.) who believe what they believe.

Invest 18 minutes in watching this video, and then reflect on whether, at the heart of how you communicate, you are leading with "why" - or with what... and whether you are driven by a cause, or a belief, that you and your organisation are passionate about.

Topics: B2B Marketing, Thought Leaders