Webinar Replay [8-Apr-21]: Revealing The Latest Magic in OMG's Sales Candidate Assessments

Note that although Dave primarily talks about sales candidate assessments in this latest video, the principles are equally applicable - and equally useful - in assessing your existing sales organisation and identifying both team-wide and individual training and coaching priorities as part of a systematic sales performance improvement programme...

In this latest webinar, Dave Kurlan of Objective Management Group (an Inflexion-Point strategic partner) reveals the evolutionary changes OMG has made to their sales candidate assessment and sales force evaluation tools to keep pace with the significant recent changes in B2B buying behaviour.

With more than 2 million assessments completed, OMG is recognised as the leading global provider of sales-specific evaluations. We strongly recommend their candidate assessments to any client undertaking any sales recruitment, and their uncannily accurate evaluations of existing sales organisations have become an essential foundation for our sales performance improvement programmes. 

You can learn more about the science behind OMG's approach here, but why not simply book a Zoom call using the form below and let's explore together how we can ensure that you not only hire the best new candidates, but also make the most of your existing sales organisation through evidence-based, precisely-targeted sales training, coaching and performance improvement initiatives.