Making a Compelling Case for Change

In this latest webinar (conducted in partnership with LeveragePoint, the leading software-as-service value strategy platform), Bob explores the four key questions every organisation needs answers to prior to making a significant purchase decision...

[1] Why is our current situation unsatisfactory? (why do we need to change, rather than stay on our current path)

[2] Which option should we implement? (why should we choose you, rather than any other option)

[3] Why is action urgent? (why do we need to act now, rather than later)

[4] Who is going to benefit, and how? (why should we support this project, rather than other priorities)

...and then goes on to offer a uniquely effective approach ("Three Gaps and a Bridge") to answering these questions and crafting outcome-centric-value stories that make a compelling case for change - and provide the basis for a proposal that will persuade your prospective customer of the need for urgent action, and the superiority of your approach...

You can download the value story workbook here. If you recognise the issues and opportunities highlighted in this video, and if you're keen to learn more about how to implement Outcome-Centric value stories in your own sales organisation, please use the form below to book a Zoom call. We look forward to learning more about what you're seeking to achieve, and to showing you how we can help.