10 Point Healthcheck: Benchmark Your Organisation Against The Best

Why do some B2B sales and marketing organisations have the ability to consistently outperform their competitors, quarter-after-quarter and year-after-year? The quality of their offerings obviously plays a part, but this is rarely the complete explanation.

Most of the research published by organisations such as the Aberdeen Group, CEB, CSO Insights, HBR, Forrester and Sirius Decisions points to a combination of an exceptionally clear market focus, effective go-to-market model and sustained excellence in execution.

We've identified 10 specific winning habits. They are enabling best-in-class organisations to systematically attract more prospects, shorten sales cycles, increase sales win rates, and narrow the performance gap between their best sales people and the rest.

Most significantly, these 10 winning habits can potentially be implemented by every organisation. They do not require outrageous budgets or multi-year change programmes: they simply require the commitment to put them into practice.

Find out how your organisation compares...

Our 10-point B2B sales and marketing healthcheck will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Please answer each question in turn, selecting one of 5 levels that you believe most accurately reflects your organisation’s current situation. 

Your answers will of course remain completely confidential and we’ll email you a detailed summary of your results together with some simple recommendations at the end of the exercise. All we need to get started is your first name and email address...