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Your prospective customers don't care about your self-proclaimed "solutions"

Why adopt an outcome-centric approach?

Let's be clear: your prospective customers don't actually care very much about your self-proclaimed "solutions". They are much more concerned about their quest to achieve better business outcomes.

And their actual buying decision journeys don't bear much resemblance to your neatly-defined linear sales processes, either. They are often complicated, convoluted and likely to end in a decision to stick with the status quo.

Unless, of course, you are able to convince them that you alone can lead them towards the better future they are looking for - and that's the essence of Outcome-Centric Selling (and the subject of this short video)

The key drivers behind Outcome-Centric Selling®

This video offers a more detailed explanation of the three key drivers behind the move to Outcome-Centric Selling®:

  • The changing face of B2B buying - and in particular the shift from IT-led to business-led technology buying and the rapid growth in subscription-based consumption
  • The growing recognition that traditional "solution selling" sales methodologies are an incomplete and inadequate answer to influencing modern buying behaviour
  • The need to establish the widest possible outcome gap between our customer's current situation and the better future we can help them achieve 

The key building blocks of Outcome-Centric Selling®

This video goes on to describe the three key building blocks that underpin Outcome-Centric Selling®:

  • Crafting customer-specific value stories that answer their four critical questions: why change, why you, why now and who will benefit?
  • Making sure that your sales process is carefully aligned with the current phase of each customer's buying decision journey
  • Guiding your salespeople in what they need to know and do during each phase of the customer's journey to achieve a meaningful advance

Putting these principles into practice

This video summarises our proven 4-step approach to rapidly putting Outcome-Centric Selling® principles into practice in your sales organisation:

  • Assess and evaluate your people, processes and systems and agree priorities for improvement
  • Adapt and develop our Outcome-Centric Selling® toolkit to reflect your unique sales environment
  • Train your salespeople to adopt Outcome-Centric Selling® into their day-to-day activities
  • Reinforce and sustain the initial gains through a programme of continuous improvement

Applying an outcome-centric approach to complex B2B Sales

Our Outcome-Centric Selling® framework enables you to align your marketing, business development, sales and customer success functions around the common goal of convincing customers that you - above any other option they may be considering - are the partner that will ensure they achieve better future outcomes.

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