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Why Focus on Outcomes?

Explore the Foundations of Outcome-Centric Selling®

Our Three Core Focuses

Equipping your sales organization to uncover, influence and achieve your customer's desired outcomes ...


Systematically, scientifically,  and reliably evaluating your existing sales organization and screening potential new hires


Training and equipping every member of your sales organization to understand and embrace the key principles of Outcome-Centric Selling®


Driving the enthusiastic and successful ongoing adoption of Outcome-Centric Selling® throughout your sales organization

NEW: Our Online, OnDemand Outcome-Centric Selling® Academy

Our newly-launched Online Outcome-Centric Selling® Academy offers best-practice-based self-paced training to both individual salespeople and entire sales organisations - including access to our customisable Outcome-Centric Selling® Toolkit ...

> 100 Testimonials on LinkedIn

Bob helped me transform my sales team capability providing guidance, clarity to the sales process and leveraging his many years of experience.

CEO, IT Services Provider

Bob helped to bring impressive clarity to our positioning and enabled us to speak in a distinctively different voice from the companies we compete with for our customer’s attention.

CEO, SaaS Software

Bob manages to achieve a rare balancing act - combining deep knowledge with real-world practical wisdom that delivers results - in our case almost instantly.

CEO, Enterprise Software Vendor

Bob was asked to review our Sales and Marketing processes and general messaging. His knowledge and experience were invaluable. An excellent investment with some excellent outcomes.

VP Sales, IT Services Company

Bob proved invaluable in refining our sales structures and processes which proved essential in enabling us to maximize our future deal flow.

CEO, Enterprise Software Vendor

Bob's a good bet if you have a technology company that needs to grow fast across the UK, Europe or Globally. He pulls no punches, shoots from the hip and has the results to prove he can do it.

VC Investor

We found Bob's knowledge, insights, and framework extremely valuable. He helped us to gain a more structured approach to winning our enterprise customers.

CEO. SaaS vendor

By the end of the course I felt empowered, knowledgeable and inspired to take my new and refined skills back to my role

BD Leader, SaaS Software Vendor

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