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Today’s B2B buyers are wrestling with potentially risky decisions and often-confusing options. It's become common for prospective customers to decide to stick with the status quo or to take the easy option and choose what appears to be the lowest cost offering from a set of apparently similar solutions.

This is a current and urgent problem for everyone involved in complex B2B sales. Hardly a week goes by without yet another new study confirming a troubling pattern of lengthening sales cycles, declining sales win rates, increasing price pressures, and a growing performance gap between the best sales people and the rest.


It's clear that we cannot defeat the status quo or low-cost competitors simply by "selling harder", or by using me-too sales methods that were designed for the simpler challenges of an easier age. B2B CEOs and sales leaders recognise that their sales and marketing organisations need to do a better job of targeting, identifying and engaging the right people in the right organisations, positioning and differentiating their approach from alternative options, and advancing the prospect's decision-making process.

selling in the breakthrough zone...

For as long as their approach revolves around satisfying what their prospects currently think they need using techniques and capabilities that appear similar to what every other vendor is promoting, sales organisations will continue to be trapped in the "me too" zone, with obvious negative consequences for sales cycles, win rates and average deal values.

If you are determined to break away from these constraints, you need to equip your sales people to sell in the breakthrough zone - by helping your prospective customers to acknowledge previously unrecognised or undervalued problems and opportunities that can only be fully satisfied by your unique capabilities - and that is exactly what our value selling system® is designed to help you achieve.

focus on complex sales

Our typical clients are B2B-focused tech-based scale-up businesses with fast-growing sales organisations, although our value selling principles have also been very successfully applied to well-funded high-growth late-stage start-ups as well as the more entrepreneurial business units of well-established organisations.

Our value selling system® is optimised for complex B2B sales environments with lengthy multi-phase customer buying journeys that involve significant numbers of actively engaged stakeholders. The system is designed to equip every member of your sales organisation - from your most experienced veteran to the most recent new recruit - to sell in the breakthrough zone by progressively creating, capturing and confirming your unique value for every existing and prospective customer.

benefits of a systematic approach

Our systematic approach to creating, capturing and confirming value is helping our clients to build stronger pipelines, shorten sales cycles, improve win rates, increase deal values and reduce the sales performance gap. If you're determined to achieve the same in your sales organisation, please get in touch today via the contact form on this website or click on this link to set up a meeting.

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Bob Apollo - Founder - Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners


The VALUE SELLING SYSTEM® has the power to enable every member of your sales organisation - from your most experienced veteran to your most recent new recruit - to SELL IN THE BREAKTHROUGH ZONE by equipping them to progressively create, capture and confirm your uniquely relevant value for every prospect and customer...


Introducing the Value Selling System