Organisations with a clearly-defined,  buying-aligned sales process consistently outperform their competitors on every significant measure of sales performance, including win rate, average deal size and time-to-close. That's why we advise every client to base their sales stages on the key phases in their prospect's buying process.

Our Value Selling System® is based around a series of customer-validated buying decision phases and unambiguous milestones. We make it easy for sales people to consistently qualify opportunities in or out at the earliest possible stage.

Once opportunities have been qualified, we make it clear what sales people need to know and do in order to improve their chances of winning and to advance a well-qualified opportunity to the next phase with the minimum of unnecessary delay.

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Establishing thought leadership, educating the market, offering fresh perspectives and making prospective customers want to engage early and learn more is critical to B2B sales success. Value selling enables sales and marketing organisations to work together to target their prospecting activities on the right roles in the right organisations, and educate them on the critical problems that are most likely to trigger buying decisions.

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Your prospects always have many more issues than they can possibly address at any given time - so to avoid "do nothing decisions" it's vital that you quickly qualify whether your prospect sees the problem as interesting, important or critical. Value selling equips your sales people with the tools to persuade prospects that the pain of sticking with the status quo is far higher than the perceived costs and risks of change.

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If the first time you're aware of an opportunity is via an RFP, you are probably going to lose. Vendors that play the leading role in shaping the prospect's vision of a solution win three-quarters of all contested opportunities. Value selling enables your sales people to engage early, influence the prospect's buying decision criteria and understand both their buying decision process and the motivations of the buying decision team.

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Getting selected isn't just about having the "best" product or service (however that might be measured) - it's about ending up at at the top of all the options that are open to the customer - including the ever-present "stick with the status quo". Value selling enables your sales people to emerge as the clearly-preferred choice of all the stakeholders who can influence the outcome of the customer's buying decision process.

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Even if you've emerged as the preferred option, your customer will inevitably want to negotiate the best possible commercial and legal terms and to eliminate any remaining risks and reservations - otherwise there's ever-present danger that you will be chosen but not actually get the order. Value selling equips and enables your sales people to successfully navigate this potentially tricky period of negotiation and validation.

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In complex, high-value B2B sales, even after you've agreed the contract terms there's often another hurdle to jump: making sure the project is signed off by the ultimate decision authority. At this stage your "competition" is now all the other competing projects the customer could choose to invest in. Value selling enables your sales people to make the strongest possible case for your project to emerge triumphant.

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The buying decision process cannot be regarded as being complete until and unless the customer agrees that the problem that caused them to start searching for a solution in the first place has been resolved to their satisfaction. Value selling helps to ensure that your sales and customer success teams accurately set and subsequently achieve or exceed the customer's expectations...

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