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Our Partners: Refract

AI-Powered Sales Conversation Analytics

Refract’s Conversational Intelligence platform uses AI technology to automatically analyse and identify the key “moments of truth” in every sales conversation, revealing coachable insights for every call.

Refract analyses every call and demo, profiling the revenue defining moments, and revealing and reinforcing the best-practices that lead to successful outcomes for your team today.

How do successful calls differ from unsuccessful calls? Are your salespeople talking too much? Asking the wrong questions? Failing to engage the customer? Talking over their prospects?

Refract can help to answer these questions, and help you identify and act upon key areas for sales performance improvement. You can book a demo directly with them here.

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We offer an individual and group sales coaching service using Refract-derived insights to spotlight winning habits and areas for improvement - and of course you can do the same with your own internal sales coaching programmes.

But there's more: in addition to recording and analysing live customer conversations, In addition to recording and analysing live calls, Refract’s Video Coaching Platform allows you to set video challenges that help salespeople to develop best practices and winning habits that reflect real life, rather than sometimes-sterile role plays.

Refract allows you to develop informed strategic decisions across the business, based on the unfiltered voice of customers and prospects, and to systematically learn what leads to successful outcomes and relationships in your business.

We see it as the essential foundation for the evidence-based coaching and continuous performance improvement programmes our customers are asking for.

To find out more, book a call using the form on the left. Be sure to choose your local timezone. We look forward to the conversation (and we'll be happy to play back the recording)!

Applying an outcome-centric approach to complex B2B Sales

Our Outcome-Centric Selling® framework enables you to align your marketing, business development, sales and customer success functions around the common goal of convincing customers that you - above any other option they may be considering - are the partner that will ensure they achieve better future outcomes.

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