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According to Neil Rackham, the widely-respected B2B sales guru and author of the best-selling "SPIN® Selling", one of the most important things that separates top-performing salespeople from the rest is that they recognise the importance of investing in planning and preparation.

As a result, they are far better equipped to deal with whatever comes up in the course of their sales activities - whether anticipated or unanticipated. In fact, we'd go so far as to suggest that if any salesperson fails to plan, they are effectively planning to fail.

We've identified 4 levels at which planning can make a pivotal difference to sales outcomes: territory planning, account planning, opportunity planning and conversation planning. At each of these levels, if you're not clear about your desired outcome, you will inevitably fail to achieve it...

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Bob Apollo
Founder and Chief Outcomes Officer
Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners

Applying an outcome-centric approach to complex B2B Sales

Our Outcome-Centric Selling® framework enables you to align your marketing, business development, sales, implementation and customer success functions around the common goal of convincing customers that you - above any other option they may be considering - are the partner that will ensure they achieve their critical business outcomes.

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