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B2B buyers report that fewer than 20% of their interactions with sales people create any relevant value. No wonder it's so hard to get prospects to agree to a meeting or a follow up call, or that so many buying cycles end in a decision to do nothing.

Our Value Selling System® will enable you to equip every member of your sales organisation - from the most experienced veteran to your most recent hire - to consistently establish your unique solution value in every customer interaction through a combination of clear sales focus, effective sales process, winning sales plays and actionable sales plans.

The approach is enabling our clients to win the battle to engage, acquire and retain the most valuable customers... perhaps it could help you to achieve the same?



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Having a crystal-clear sales focus is the critical foundation of Inflexion-Point's Value Selling System®. Our structured approach will enable everyone in your organisation to be in fully aligned agreement around:


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There is overwhelming evidence to prove that organisations with a clearly defined and dynamic sales process consistently outperform their competition. They do even better if their sales process is explicitly aligned with their customer's typical buying journey. Inflexion-Point's Value Selling System®:

  • Is explicitly aligned with the key stages in your customer's buying decision process
  • Allows sales people to quickly and accurately assess the quality of every opportunity
  • Dynamically defines what sales people need to know and do at every stage
  • Identifies the critical milestones that enable sales people to accurately measure their progress


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In the evolution of every sales opportunity, there are a handful of critical "moments of truth" that define the likelihood of success or failure. Our Value Selling System® guides your sales people in the proven best practices and winning sales plays that are guaranteed to improve their chances of accurately qualifying the true potential of the opportunity, advancing the buying process and ultimately securing the customer's business.

These sales playbooks span the critical elements of prospecting, qualifying, justifying, demonstrating, proposing and negotiating. We'll work with you to develop sales tools that support these value creating sales plays and eliminate the obstacles that can slow down or derail an otherwise promising sales opportunity.


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According to Neil Rackham - best-selling author of SPIN-Selling - consistently successful sales people are above everything else effective planners. He finds that “good selling depends on good planning more than any other single factor.” We agree, and that's why our Value Selling System® guides your sales people to:

  • Create simple but effective territory plans that identify their most promising revenue opportunities
  • Develop effective account plans that optimise the revenue potential of their most promising customers
  • Establish clear opportunity strategies and plans that materially increase their chances of winning
  • Prepare for every customer meeting knowing how they plan to create mutual value from the interaction
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