Which types of organisation have the potential to become "ideal customers"?

Identifying your ideal customers
The traditional demographics of size, sector and location are hopelessly inadequate when trying to determine whether any given organisation has the potential to turn into a good customer. Structural, behavioural, environmental and situational factors are all far more important predictors of success. 
This sort of intelligence cannot be gathered through "buying in a list". It requires a clear sense of the characteristics you are looking for, and the commitment to conduct your own research. But without a consensus about what an ideal customer looks like, companies inevitably waste a huge amount of energy pursuing the wrong prospects.
It’s a terrible waste of resources - and a potential source of huge frustration. It’s why today’s smartest B2B companies are developing well defined ideal prospect profiles that reflect a common consensus between the sales and marketing organisations.
The task is easier than it might at first appear: much of the information you need is already in the heads of your smartest sales people and reflected in the characteristics of your most valued existing customers - it just requires organising.
That's where we come in. Our structured discovery process is helping our clients to develop a much clearer definition of what an ideal customer looks like for each of their key product or service offerings. It's allowing them to focus their sales and marketing efforts much more effectively.
To explore whether we might be able you to achieve something similar...
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