Are your sales training investments really resulting in lasting performance improvement?

Sales training is a journey, not an event
It's hard to argue with the idea that sales training is a good thing. But here's the problem: there's masses of compelling evidence to prove that without continuous reinforcement, between 80-90% of the knowledge imparted in traditional sales training is forgotten, ignored or abandoned within a month.
But that's not all: it's also clear that first-line sales managers must be fully and regularly engaged in delivering this reinforcement through field-based coaching initiatives. Any sales skills development programme that fails to take these factors into account is, in our experience, doomed to fail.

There's a further implication for organisations that - like many of our clients - are determined to embrace a challenger selling mindset: The Challenger Sale involves a team effort between sales and marketing, and the marketers are going to need training and reinforcement as well.
We take an integrated approach to sales skills development: we ensure that training materials are tailored to your organisation's environment, involve marketing, include regular reinforcement, and are supported by coaching guides for your front-line managers.
We often co-exist with already-established sales training methodologies and competency frameworks: our role is typically to provide the "fuel in the tank" that sustains your skills development initiative and boosts field level acceptance and retention. 
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