How can you systematically narrow the performance gap between your best sales people and the rest?

According to the authors of "The Challenger Sale", the productivity gap between top performers and average sales people in complex sales environments is nearly 3:1 - a far wider than that in transactional sales situations. It's no wonder that narrowing this performance gap is a top priority for many B2B sales leaders.
Some of the difference can clearly be attributed to natural talent: but a large percentage is the result of more effective early-stage opportunity qualification, better resource prioritisation, smarter sales strategies and a more disciplined and organised approach to managing the sales process.
Fortunately, many of these winning habits turn out to be highly transferable and have the potential to significantly improve the performance of the average sales person. But in order to do so these behaviours have to be identified and captured in sales playbooks that always reflect the latest best practice.
Just like leading sports teams, many of today's top-performing B2B sales and marketing teams are turning to structured sales playbooks to familiarise the whole organisation with the latest marketing messages, sales tools, winning habits and best practices.
Sales playbooks are particularly effective wherever there are significant existing sales performance gaps, or in situations where newly-recruited sales people and partners need to be brought up to full effectiveness and delivering results as quickly as possible.
The movement has accelerated with the proliferation of tablets, but technology is only part of the story: sales playbooks are most effective when they focus on enabling every sales person to emulate the winning habits of their top performing colleagues.
That's where we come in: working with our preferred technology partner Showpad we help clients ensure that they have the right content, organised in the right way, to support their sales process, with an often-dramatic impact on sales effectiveness.
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