Are you doing all that you could to equip your sales people to convert interest into action?

Harnessing the power of sales playbooks
Today's top sports teams use "playbooks" to make sure that every player understands what to do - and how to work together - during important moments in a game. The same is true of today's top performing sales teams. They use sales playbooks to capture and share best practices and winning habits across the sales organisation.
Sales playbooks are a vital part of sales enablement. They serve to connect the marketing message with the sales conversation and bring together all the organisation's critical sales tools and materials in a highly accessible, easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate form that is always up-to-date.
Early attempts to implement playbooks using tools like Microsoft SharePoint frequently failed because they were hard to navigate and difficult to access on-the-move, but a new generation of tablet applications are emerging that provide sales people the information they need wherever they are.
But technology is only part of the story: having the right content, organised in the right way to support the sales process is absolutely critical to the success of any playbook initiative.
We've been able to help clients not only select and implement the appropriate playbook technology, but also ensure that they have the right content, organised in the right way, to support their sales process, with an often-dramatic impact on sales effectiveness.
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