How accurately does your organisation's pipeline and forecast reflect your true revenue potential?

Proactive Pipeline and Forecast Management
The sales and marketing pipeline and revenue forecast ought to offer a clear window into the health of every organisation’s revenue generation process. So why is the view so often obscured, and the apparent level of revenue potential so far divorced from the reality reflected in the bookings numbers?
It's a common problem, and in our experience the most common causes are imprecise or inconsistent stage definitions, poor data quality, weak opportunity qualification, failure to measure the appropriate metrics and - above all - inadequate management of the revenue generation process on an integrated, end-to-end basis. 
The problems are compounded when progress through the pipeline is measured primarily by the activities sales people claim to have undertaken, rather than on observable evidence of progress and verifiable outcomes in the prospect's buying decision process.
As if that wasn't bad enough, the failure of sales people to accurately qualify out deals that are going nowhere artifically exaggerates the true value of many sales pipelines. There's a compelling case for insisting on verifiable outcomes throughout the pipeline management process.
We work with clients to help them define and implement systematic, evidence-based approaches to sales and marketing pipeline and forecast management. The impact on forecast accuracy and revenue performance can be dramatic.
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