Proactive Pipeline Management

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Systematically improving pipeline management and forecast accuracy

The quality of the pipeline is a critical early indicator of any organisation’s sales success. So why is the true state of sales pipelines so hard to measure, and why do CEOs regard sales forecast accuracy as such an intractable problem? The most common causes include inconsistent pipeline stage definitions and milestones, weak opportunity qualification, inadequate metrics and - all too often - unchallenged wishful thinking on the part of the sales person.

It's no wonder that the latest CSO Insights research confirms that average sales forecast accuracy on a deal-by-deal basis is stubbornly stuck at under 50%. But top sales organisations have shown that it is possible to do far better - by aligning their pipeline stages with the key phases in their prospects buying decision process, by insisting on the achievement of key milestones before opportunities can be advanced, and by implementing key metrics.

How our approach is different...

We’ve developed a series of structured, systematic evidenced-based frameworks for managing B2B sales pipelines, progressively qualifying sales opportunities, and generating reliable revenue forecasts. If you adopt our approach, you can expect your pipeline values and revenue forecasts to better reflect the reality of your actual situation - as well as shortening sales cycles, increasing sales win rates, and improving overall sales performance.

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