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How accurately does your organisation's pipeline and forecast reflect your true revenue potential?

The sales and marketing pipeline ought to offer a clear window into the health of every organisation’s customer acquisition process. So why are sales pipeline values so often overstated, and why do CEOs regard sales forecast accuracy as such a common problem?
It's a complex problem, but in our experience the most common causes include inappropriate stage definitions and milestones, weak opportunity qualification, inadequate metrics and - all too often - wishful thinking on the part of the sales person that is allowed to go unchallenged by their manager.
Sales opportunities are frequently positioned as being far more advanced and close-to-closure than they really are. It's no wonder that the latest CSO Insights research found that average sales forecast accuracy on a deal-by-deal basis is hovering around 50% - no better than tossing a coin...
But today's best-in-class organisations are managing to do much better by taking a proactive approach to their pipeline management and sales forecasting activities. They are using disciplined scoring processes to assess the true potential of individual opportunities.
Structured, evidence-based pipeline reviews are forcing sales people to qualify bad deals out early rather than waste resources on them - freeing up managers to invest in coaching sales people on how to best progress the winnable opportunities.
Progress through the pipeline is based on observable evidence of customer commitment, rather than on the activities that the sales person claims to have undertaken - and time-in-stage is carefully monitored to highlight deals that appear to be going nowhere.
We help our clients to implement structured, proactive and evidence-based sales pipeline management and revenue forecasting strategies. The typical benefits include higher average deal values, increased sales win rates and shorter sales cycles.

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