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A message from Bob Apollo

I've been lucky enough to work for many of the world's most respected B2B technology companies as well as some of the most successful expansion-stage technology businesses. I've had my share of success and learned a tremendous amount about B2B sales and marketing along the way. But after 3 successful IPOs and a series of acquisition experiences (some good, some bad), I decided that I'd had enough of corporate life, and founded Inflexion-Point in order to help the next generation of B2B technology market leaders to realise their potential.

Our approach isn't for everyone...

To be honest, our approach isn’t for everyone. I’ve found that our thinking resonates most strongly with agile, fast-moving organisations who have an innovative value proposition that could - if taken to market appropriately - offer the potential for market leadership. You can learn more about our thinking on this site (I’d particularly recommend that you subscribe to our blog) and by following me on twitter @bobapollo. I'd also be happy to accept any LinkedIn connection requests if you include a short message of introduction.

When the time is finally right, and you’re ready to explore whether we might be able to help, please complete our contact form or give me a call directly on +44 7802 313300. I look forward to our conversation.