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How can you systematically increase your ability to accelerate revenue growth?

Here's a simple test to determine whether you have built a truly scalable customer acquisition process: if you could choose to add an additional unit of sales or marketing resources, are you confident that the investment would generate an at least proportional growth in revenue?
The problem with most sales and marketing processes is that organisations do not understand where the most significant underlying constraints are. Until and unless they do, there's always the risk that they will throw resources at something that is not going to really influence revenue growth.
Some of these constraints are inevitably specific to the organisation and to the current moment in time. But there are a handful of common processes that always have to be understood and mastered before a truly scalable, repeatable and predictable customer acquisition system can be established.
Today's top performing B2B sales and marketing organisations seem to be able to master a handful of consistently important systems. One key trend is their use of sales playbooks to encourage best practices across their entire sales organisation.
Other common characteristics include a smarter approach to using their CRM system and a more effective use of marketing automation. The companies also seem to be much better at developing the skills of their sales people and sales managers.
This results in a number of interesting consequences: they are not only better at narrowing the gaps between their average sales people and their top performers, they are also better at onboarding new hires and at implementing funnel-filling marketing campaigns.
That's where we've often been able to help: our systematic approach is helping clients to progressively identify and eliminate the bottlenecks that are constraining their ability to drive predictable revenue growth.

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