You’ll never change your prospect’s mind by telling them what they already know

Today's top sales performers are challengers
What makes a top sales performer in today's business environment? It seems that traditional "relationship" or "solution" selling behaviours are past their prime. Extensive research conducted by the CEB and published in "The Challenger Sale" has highlighted the common characteristics of todays' top sales people.
In a risk-averse world where customers are struggling to buy complex solutions every bit as much as much as sales people are struggling to sell them, a minority of sales people are managing to dramatically outperform their peers - by challenging their customers to think different.
These top performing sales people demonstrate a handful of common characteristics: they are inclined to educate rather than pitch, using an approach the authors refer to as "teaching for differentiation". They tailor their conversations in a way that resonates with their audience.
They defend their value and maintain momentum by taking control of the sale. They recognise the power of selling through storytelling. And whilst these qualities sound innate, the abundant evidence is that they can in fact be taught to the average intelligent sales person.
We're already working with a growing number of clients to help them bring challenger thinking into their own sales and marketing organisations, and had some significant successes along the way in terms of improved sales performance.
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